Movie, “Big” with Tom Hanks

The movie, “Big” is played with Tom Hanks as the main actor in it. The movie was made in 1988 and the Cast is: Tom Hanks (Josh) Elizabeth Perkins (Susan) Robert Loggia (MacMillan) John Heard (Paul) Jared Rushton (Billy)

The Director is Penny Marshall, and the writer is Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, and the producer is James L. Brooks and Robert Greenhut. The movie was distributed by 20th Century Fox nd the Production Company was American Entertainment Partners II.

This movie is known as a Fantasy, Comedy, and Drama Movie.

Summary: This movie is about a 13 year old boy whom is from New Jersey named Josh. Josh wants more than anything to be “Big”, he doesn’t like being told what to do and all.  So Josh is at a festival and finds himself standing in front of a fortunetelling machine. He makes a wish that he wants to be big, so overnight Josh wakes up and is a grown man. He is still 13 years olld mentally and emotionally.  He meets a young woman whom is falling for him. He does good with a job he has with a major toy company owned by a kid at heart, McMillan. Josh realizes he has to hide out in New York until he figures out what to do. He eventually gets to be himself again,  a 13 year old boy, but it just takes awhile.

The three actors I chose from this film to talk about is Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, and Jared Rushton.

According to the types of actors listed in the course text, Tom Hanks frequently plays ordinary characters in extraordinary situations. He has played in alot of different films. Some of the films he is serious, some he is a humorous character, he plays a grown character in many films. He has played many types of actors. He has played as an Impersonator, Interpreter, and a Personality actor, but most of all he is known as a Star. He is well known and popular. He was nominated for the most Academy Awards and won twice. Just to name a few films, they are, Splash, Big, Punchline, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Toy Story II, and Toy Story III, Saving Private Ryan, and Cast Away.

Elizabeth Perkins is not a known actress, so she wouldn’t be a star. She is a wild card because she is not well known.  She has played in Big, and He Said, She Said, and in The Flinstones as Wilma. She has been seen on television in For Thier own Good, Battery Park, Must Love Dogs, If These Walls Could Talk 2, Weeds and a few others. She may be known as a television star. When she played in Big, as the character, Susan, she fell for Josh and was hoping he was falling for her.

Jared Rushton played in Big, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Overboard. He was born in Utah and in 1974.  He had a solid acting career during the 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, then he disappeared from the movie business.He now sings and plays guitar in a independent band, “Withdrawal”(2004).  He is known as an Impersonator which is an actor whom copies the manner, dialect, and behavior of the character. He was a kid actor. When he played in Big, as Billy, he was Josh’s best Friend as kids.

Based on the film, Big, Tom Hanks was playing as an Impersonator. He copied the manner, dialect, and behavior of his character very well. He is the type of actor whom can play different types of actors in many movies.

Here is a link to the movie clip:

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Categories and Functions of Sound

The movie I chose to write about for categories and functions of sound is “Littlefoot is Born”.  The kinds of sound in this animated movie is music, voice over narrator of the story teller and character voice over (the mother dinosaur), and sound effects. Sound effects of the cracking noise of the egg as Littlefoot is hatching out, and the licking sounds of the mother’s tongue on Littlefoot. Sounds of the other critters coming to check out Litttlefoot. Dialogue is from the other dinosaurs, grandmother and grandfather. There seems to be sound effects all through the movie. It’s background music that is playing throughout the movie. The effect the voice over narrator has is making the movie suitable and understandable for children.

This is the movie clip:

Lighting used in a Movie

Lighting used in a Movie.

Teresa Shaffer

Eng. 225: Introduction to Film

Christine Hilger


There are three kinds of lighting to use in the film making business, and they are traditional three point, high key, or low key lighting.  The cinematographer has to make sure there is enough light in the movie. A high key lighting has very bright light over everything. Low key has to have scenes which look dark overall in a film. It is marked to have use of deep shadows with only a single source of light. Low key lighting is often used  for dramatic scenes which are so intense, it is used in horror films, and mystery thrillers. Three point lighting is where they use three main light sources. Two are in front of the subject, but on opposite sides of the camera aimed at a 45-degree angle. There is a back light behind the subject also. The back light provides a bright rim of light which makes the actors “pop out” from the background.

In the movie, “When Harry met Sally” the benefits of the traditional three point lighting is used for concise control of the lighting and shadows in the film. It’s done to keep the focus on the actors instead of the background. Meg Ryan’s beauty is shown with the lighting as to how young and beautiful she is in 1989. This clip is about when they are in the diner. It is the scene about Meg pretending to have an orgasm.


“This is a Romance Comedy about how two people meet for the  first time upon graduating from the same university in which they happened to settled in the same big city. They go their separate ways and had separate lives. They meet up years later when he is married, and then again when they are both single. Harry tells her that men and women cannot be just friends, sex gets in the way. She is out to prove him wrong ” (Bloom, I. , n.d.)

Main Actors: Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal with co-stars: Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby, Steven FordWhen Harry Met Sally... (1989) Poster

Director: Rob Reiner

If different choices would have been made for lighting, the scene would not have been as good as it was. The lighting used which was three point light was perfect.


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